Atlas balikbayan box houston

Atlas balikbayan box houston

Atlas shippers international offers door-to-door shipping, relocation, and balikbayan box services, and airline tickets from the us to the philippines with branches in southern california and accredited independent agents in northern california and across the us.

Houston cargo container atlas balikbayan cargo claim share print.

Is your box ready for pick up? Schedule now using our online form! Terms and conditions.

In accordance to the international maritime organization (imo)s safety of life at sea (solas) chapter vi specifications on the gross mass weight requirement of containers, atlas shippers east (ase) needs to implement a weight of around 130 - 150 lbs. This is necessary in order for ase to abide to the federal mandate.

Destination tipid box regular jumbo 20x17x10 23x17x20 24x18x24 manila 40 55 70 luzon 45 60 75 visayas 65 80 mindanao 70 85 pick-up prices. Destination tipid box regular jumbo 20x17x10 23x17x20 24x18x24 manila 55 70 85 luzon 60 75 90 visayas 80 95 mindanao 85 100 prices may vary in certain.

Regent forex texas has been operating in houston, texas serving the filipino community since july 1994. The business started as a company customers could rely on to send balikbayan boxes to their loved ones.

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Atlas balikbayan box houston

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