Asus vg248 specs

Asus vg248 specs

Display 24 in, tn, w-led, 1920 x 1080 pixels, viewing angles (hv) 170 160 , brightness 350 cdm, static contrast 1000 1, dynamic contrast 80000000 1, refresh rate 50 hz - 144 hz, srgb 90 , ntsc 72 , dimensions 569.

Asus vg248qe gaming monitor -24 fhd (1920x1080) , 1ms, up to 144hz, 3d vision ready. Ultra smooth action with 144hz rapid refresh rate and 1ms (gtg) response time. Full hd 1920x1080, 80,000,0001 asus smart contrast ratio, and 350cdm of brightness for like-like visuals. A comfortable viewing experience with ergonomic tilt, swivel pivot, and.

Ultra smooth action with 144 hertz rapid refresh rate and 1ms (gtg) response time display colors 16. Ergonomically designed stand with tilt,swivel,pivot,height adjustment plus wall mount capability for comfortable viewing position.

Asus vg248qe - 3d led monitor - full hd (1080p) - 24 specs & prices.

Display 24 in, tn, w-led, 1920 x 1080 pixels viewing angles (hv) 170 160 brightness 350 cdm static contrast 1000 1, dynamic contrast 80000000 1 refresh rate 50 hz - 144 hz srgb 90 , ntsc 72 dimensions 569.

Asus model vg248qe size 24 resolution 1920x1080 panel type tn max.

Vg248qe tech specs detailed introduction, displays desktops.

The goal of the asus proart display series is to offer the most advanced technologies to power the imaginations of creators everywhere. With features such as mini-led backlights, oled displays, and asus smart hdr technology, proart monitors are the solution for creating masterpieces.

We take a look at the asus vg248, a budget friendly 144hz gaming monitor.

The asus vg248 monitor comes with some great features even though this is a very reasonably priced monitor. Before we can share the process of enabling 144 hz on your asus vg248 monitor, you need to be familiar with the specifications the monitor comes with.

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Asus vg248 specs

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Asus vg248 specs
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