Assaray trade and investment bank

Assaray trade and investment bank

In 2007,the bank turned to a libyan joint-stock company with a new management under the name assaray trade and investment bank atib offers a variety of products and services that serve its clients from the corporate sector and retail.

Founded in 1997, as a libyan banking institution under the name of al-ahli bank of tripoli.

Assaray trade and investment bank (known as assaray bank) is a public company, listed on libyan stock market since june 2008.

Atib is always looking to provide high quality services to its customers and partners, with modern and fast methods among the best international banking practices and financial services.

Swift code bic (bank identifier code) details for atiblylt and atiblylt atiblylt is the swift code for primary office of assaray trade and investment bank bank in tripoli libya. Since this swift code belongs to a primary office of the bank, it can have an optional branch code.

Assaray trade and investment bank swift code details a swiftbic is an 8-11 character code that identifies your country, city, bank, and branch. It usually looks like a shortened version of that banks name.

Libyas assaray trade and investment bank (atib) has selected temenos and its infinity and transact systems to underpin the launch of new digital islamic banking products.

Assaray trade and investment bank, tripoli, how to find swift-bic codes ? Bankswiftbiccodes. Com has provided three option to help you in swift bic codes search like, lsit by bank name ( bank name based wift code list ), find by branch name, city or area name ( location based swift code), and lookup by swift bic code to verift address and bank details or information.

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Assaray trade and investment bank

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