Artika shukla ias cadre

Artika shukla ias cadre

Smt artika shukla ias (rajasthan 2016) presently awaiting posting order (apo), has been appointed as sub-divisional officer and sub-divisional magistrate- ajmer rajasthan. Indian bureaucracy dot com wishes smt artika shukla the very best.

  in another order, dopt on tuesday said that artika shukla, a 2016 agmut cadre ias, was given nod for cadre change from agmut to rajasthan cadre on the ground of marriage to jasmeet singh sandhu, also a 2016 batch rajasthan cadre ias.

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  (iaspcs books-english edition)(1) m laxmikanth-httpsamzn.

  upsc ias rank 4 artika shukla preparation strategy first attempt, self study, followed insights from prelims to interview it is a proud moment for insights and insightians. Artika shukla , who has secured all india rank 4 in her first attempt , in her own words, followed insights with operatic regularity since december 2014 to till the day she reached her goal.

  ias artika shukla this is my first attempt for ias i am a doctor also motivational videofair-use copyright disclaimer copyright disclaimer under se.

Artika shuklaof 25 years cracked prestigious civil services exam and one of the toughest exams and made her city proud by securing fourth rank in the 2015 upsc.

Artika shukla, ias (agmut2016) from agmut cadre to rajasthan cadre on the grounds of marriage to shri jasmeet singh sandhu, ias (rj2016). (udai bhan singh) under secretary to the government of india tel. 23094142 to the manager, government of india press, mayapuri, delhi.

Artika shukla is the name recognized by all the people in the nation because of her fourth rank in upsc cse in 2015. The idea to become an ias officer came to her mind when she was doing m. She discontinued the course and started the preparations for the.

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Artika shukla ias cadre

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