Arlanda express automat

Arlanda express automat

Do you travel often? We have digital travel passes filled with single journey tickets, perfect for the frequent traveler. Phone 46 (0)771-720 200 46 (0)771-720 200 e-mail arlandaexpressatrain. Se visiting address klarabergsviadukten 70, 5th floor, world trade center postal address box 130 zip code.

Arlanda express departs from platforms 1 and 2 at stockholm central station. We have our own ticket counter and taxi terminal next to our platforms. There are two entrances that lead directly to the arlanda express platforms, found at kungsbron 1 and at the intersection vasaplanöstra järnvägsgatan 15. If you are driving to stockholm central, we recommend parking at p-hus kungsbron, around.

November 1999 saw the inauguration of the dedicated, high-speed rail link between stockholm central railway station and.

Arlanda express high speed rail link operated by a-train ab, sweden. 24 november 1999 saw the inauguration of the new, dedicated high-speed rail link between stockholm central railway station and the citys main airport, at arlanda. The airport is at a competitive disadvantage over other major city air terminals, as it is 42km (26 miles) from the city centre.

At arlanda you travel free of charge on buses or the express train arlanda express within the airport area. There are also transfer buses between the terminals after security checkpoint. Before the security checkpoint arlanda express rail service between terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5 the train runs four times an hour from early in the morning to late at night.

At stockholm arlanda airport, there are a number of parking places for those of you with reduced mobility. If you need assistance from the multi-story car park to the airport, you can contact us via our help points, which are located on the same level as the disabled parking facilities.

As you pass through baggage claim before exiting the airport, youll notice the automatic ticket machines for both the arlanda express, a dedicated train between the airport and stockholm central station and flygbussarna, the airport coach transfer between the airport and stockholm city. I attempted to use both of the machines, but one machine wasnt working.

You can either do this in any access automat, at the train station before starting your journey or when leaving the train station at arlanda. At arlanda you may have to wait for one or two to do this before it is your turn. If you are on a low budget there is also the option to take the train to märsta instead and get a number 583 bus from.

  stockholm arlanda airport, is an international airport located in the sigtuna municipality of sweden, near the town of märsta, 37 kilometres (23 mi) north of.

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Arlanda express automat

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