Ark server performance tweaks

Ark server performance tweaks

  for this, head into your steam library and right-click on ark survival evolved. Select set launch options and paste the following in the new tab select set launch options and paste.

It will only ever use one cpu core per map, so performance is dependent on the cpu cores speed. My server has a gpu, which sits mostly at 0 utilisation despite running 12 maps on the server.

  the picture below can be set as a benchmark for tweaking settings mainly for people who are facing fps and ark survival evolved lag problems in game. Naturally, the lower the settings the better performance you can expect for the game. It is still advised to upgrade your computer for the best of graphics for ark survival evolved.

  this guy on youtube helped me so much with his tweaks in gameusersettings. Comwatch?vcuttzvv0nvq usually i had around 3045 fps, then after the files this guy shared with us, my fps rate reach to 6075.

  you can squeeze more performance or fidelity out of ark by using some command options. Add them to the game using the various game launchers and platforms on steam, go to your library, right-click on ark survival evolved, select properties and click on set launch options.

  beside the game tweaks you can use your gpu-driver to increase the fps by using performance settings (instead of quality). This will overrule the game options and decrease the quality of the game but will gain you some fps. This increases the temperature at which the card throttle down.

  ark survival evolved ark aberration fps increase guide, new improvements,ark and aberration, better fps, boost fps lets try for 500 likes! For this e.

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Ark server performance tweaks

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Ark server performance tweaks

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