Anz foreign cash converter

Anz foreign cash converter

We have a new offer where the anz transfer fee is 0 for foreign currency international money transfers via anz internet banking to the following countries cook islands, fiji, french polynesia, kiribati, new caledonia, papua new guinea, samoa, solomon islands, timor leste, tonga and vanuatu. Offer effective 18 september 2020 and will conclude 28 february 2021.

You can order foreign currency cash using an anz transaction account online via international services located in the payments menu of anz internet banking (minimum order value aud 500 to a maximum aud 5000), or via anz phone banking by calling 1800 352 535 (free call) in australia, 8. 00pm aestaedt, monday to friday (minimum order value aud 500 to a maximum aud 8000).

Using your anz eftpos, debit or credit card to withdraw foreign cash at overseas atms specialist foreign currency exchange providers, either in your local area or at overseas departure points, such as airports using pre-paid foreign currency travel cards your travel agent may also supply foreign cash.

Current rate information for anz foreign exchange centres is available at the relevant anz foreign exchange centre. For rate requests or to obtain rate information for currencies not listed above or for amounts over the equivalent of aud 100,000, (foreign currency note transactions are not subject to this limit), please visit any anz branch, call 13 13 14 or contact your anz relationship manager.

Anz offers a comprehensive range of foreign exchange options and information. Check the latest exchange rates and use our easy foreign exchange calculator.

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Anz foreign cash converter

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