Anz credit card foreign currency fee

Anz credit card foreign currency fee

(charged 5 half-yearly) fee is charged on first statement and half-yearly after that date.

Fee payment credited to an anz account in new zealand dollars or foreign currency 15 payment credited to a non-anz bank account in new zealand dollars or foreign currency 15 payments in new zealand dollars credited to an account outside of new zealand 15.

For anz rewards, a total annual fee of 80 applies which includes a 25 annual account fee and a 55 rewards program services fee. For anz rewards platinum, a total annual fee of 95 applies, which includes a 40 annual account fee and a 55 rewards program service fee. For anz rewards black, a total annual fee of 375 applies, which includes a 320 annual account fee and a 55 rewards program service fee.

Credit cards overseas transaction fee visa anz will charge 3 of the value of any international transaction charged or credited to a credit card account or visa paycard account. This does not apply to an international transaction processed to an anz rewards travel adventures credit card account.

International students are only eligible to apply for an anz credit card. Overdraft - interest-free overdraft on application (up to 2,000), with no monthly overdraft management fee. Credit card - if youre in full-time study you can apply for any new anz credit card and get a one year annual card fee waiver (limit one per customer).

Not available where you currently hold an anz frequent flyer, anz frequent flyer gold, anz frequent flyer platinum or anz frequent flyer black credit card, or have closed, or qualified for bonus qantas points or a credit back on, any of those anz frequent flyer credit cards within the previous 12 months. Your application must be approved and you must activate the card and make 1,000 worth of.

  for example, if you spent 200 a month through an online store that is based overseas, a 3 foreign transaction fee would add just 6 to your monthly account balance.

Currency exchange rate fees can really start to add up over time. If you make a lot of purchases in foreign currencies, youve probably noticed the fee thats attached to every transaction. Here we go over a couple of different strategies, including getting a credit card that waives foreign transaction fees entirely.

  credit cards with a low (or no) foreign transaction fees are designed to help you save money, by offering you lower fees when you travel overseas or shop online with an international retailer. Use this guide to compare credit cards that charge lower foreign currency conversion fees, including those which give you added rewards.

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Anz credit card foreign currency fee

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