Anthony joshua parents

Anthony joshua parents

Childhood & early life anthony joshua was born to robert and yeta joshua on 15 october, 1989 in watford, hertfordshire. He spent most of his childhood at his ancestral home in nigeria. He was five years old when his parents split, and his mother decided to move back.

The famed heavyweight boxer is a british national who posesses nigerian family roots. Added to joshuas family origins is his irish roots which establish him as an individual of mixed ethnicity.

  anthony oluwafemi olaseni joshua nicknames aj born age (age 31 years) place of birth watford hertfordshire england nationality british, english height 6ft 6in (198cm) weight 113 kg reach 82in (208cm) education mayflower school, ikenne, ogun state, nigeria kings langley secondary school parents robert joshua (father) yeta joshua (mother).

  anthony joshua biography he was born on october 15th 1989 watford, hertfordshire in the united kingdom.

  anthony oluwafemi olaseni joshua was born on in watford, hertfordshire, the son of yeta and robert joshua. Moreover, his mother is nigerian, while his father is of nigerian and irish ancestry.

The young joshua was born in watford hertfordshire england to yeta and robert joshua. He spent his childhood days in a boarding school in nigeria until anthony joshua parents, unfortunately, divorced shortly after twelve years birthday.

  anthony oluwafemi olaseni joshua was born in watford on , the child of nigerian parents, yeta and robert joshua, who divorced when joshua known as femi in childhood.

  his parents split when he was 12 but hes still close to his dad, robert, too. The boxing ace is extremely close to mum yeta credit the mega agency.

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Anthony joshua parents

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