Anthony davis trade options

Anthony davis trade options

Anthony davis trade grades lakers become championship contenders while pelicans give themselves valuable options.

  anthony davis health, lakers rotation, trade options, paint defense and more by jovan buha feb 12, 2021 the lakers are amid their wildest stretch.

  this is the play that injured anthony davis, grabbing at his achilles.

Davis is under contract through the 2020-2021 season, but that final year is a player option, and he will most likely decline the option in order to sign a more lucrative deal.

A compilation of all trade options available for anthony davis in nba 2k19 after his agent requested the trade.

  they also replace terrence ross expiring deal with jaylen brown in this trade, a guy they can build around with vucevicisaacbamba, and maybe even an eventually rejuvenated markelle fultz. Again, the celtics get anthony davis, which is pretty much all they care about. He becomes their true franchise building block and cornerstone of the future.

  the new orleans pelicans get the guy everyone is dreaming about them getting in exchange for anthony davis with jayson tatum being included, plus domantas sabonis. If you havent kept up with sabonis the last couple of years, hes started developing into an absolute stud since coming to indiana in the paul george trade.

  an underrated option would be to trade for mike conley, too. Should the lakers get davis, the fits of the third, fourth, and fifth players, and the bench, would be far more important than they.

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Anthony davis trade options

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