Amiko alien 2 review

Amiko alien 2 review

Amiko alien 2 review a relatively old receiver, the amiko alien 2 is nevertheless, holding its own in the marketplace. This is due to an impressive set of facilities and recent software tweaks of the package. In an unprepossessing black box, the alien 2 packs a lot of power and facilities.

Amikos linux-based alien 2 boasts two satellite tuners and one terrestrial tuner all of which are hd-ready. This non-linux hd dtt sat receiver is much cheaper, but only has one satellite tuner and lacks online functionality ci slot provided.

The amiko alien 2 also supports internet access via an external umts modem 20. Recordings can be saved onto network drives thanks to the nfs protocol manship and build quality of the new amiko alien 2 is outstanding. If we had to define the perfect receiver, this one could be it! Enough said about looks and specs now.

  quick overview of my setup on amiko alien 2 running newest hdmu system samsung 55es8000 httpwww.

  amiko shd-8900 alien enigma 2 rsp team - youtube cheap a energy rated 50 inch tv, xtrend 9500 running vix, 80cm motorised dish 46e to 30w, multi lnb zone 2.

Im very tempted since i have a panny g20b tv and so can only really record what im watching but with a olympics and the 24 hd channels, the tripple tuner version is fitted with 2 x dvb-s2s and 1 x dvb-t. I know ill have plenty recording and mo re importantly, overlapping, so i reckon i could be recording more than one channel simultaneously.

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Amiko alien 2 review

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