Amd a10 7860k specifications

Amd a10 7860k specifications

Get product specifications and technology related details of the a10-7860k with radeon r7 graphics and near silent thermal solution.

6 ghz processor specs number of cores quad-core processor number a10-7860k compatible processor socket socket fm2 clock speed 3.

  new cpus are mid-power godavari a10-7860k model with radeon r7 integrated gpu, and carrizo.

Amd a10-7860k is a quad-core desktop processor, operating at 3. The cpu supports turbo technology, that can temporary bump core frequency to 4 ghz. The a10-7860k has 4mb l2 cache, and 65 watt power consumption.

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Amd a10 7860k specifications

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Amd a10 7860k specifications
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