Amal money transfer kenya

Amal money transfer kenya

We provide a lifeline for households and to oil and efficient money transfer services across the globe. Box 3165 00100 nairobi, kenya amal plaza, 2nd floor,eastleigh, nairobi.

Provide efficient, speedy and cost-effective money transfer and forex services.

Amal express money transfer service - mombasa branch -, mombasa, kenya.

Money transfer firm amal express which operates in 22 countries including kenya, has expressed confidence about being cleared against claims by a switzerland-based ngo that its branch in bosasso.

Amal express money transfer limited amal plaza, 1 st avenue eastleigh, nairobi. Box 3165 00100 nairobi tel 07228785970723281122 infoamalexpress. Amana money transfer ltd amana shopping complex, captain mungai street, eastleigh, nairobi.

Central bank of kenya directory of licenced money remittance providers (mrps) name of mrp location contact details date of licencing 1. Amal express money transfer limited amal plaza, 1 st avenue eastleigh, nairobi p. Box 3165 00100 nairobi tel 07228785970723281122 infoamalexpress.

Central bank of kenya directory of licenced money remittance providers (mrps) name of mrp location contact details date of licencing 1. Airtel money transfer limited ground floor, parkside towers mombasa road, nairobi p. Box 73146 002110000 corporatecommunicationske.

The amal group is one of the largest somali companies in the somali money transfer (remittance) business with a worldwide network of agencies in usa, uk, middle east, africa and australia.

Make a bank transfer to kenyan shilling and us dollar accounts within 1 working day. Send money instantly to m-pesa or equitel mobile money accounts. Send airtime to the phones of family and friends in kenya so you can stay in touch. Send cash to kenya that your recipient can collect from locations across the country.

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Amal money transfer kenya

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Amal money transfer kenya
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