Alternative oculus link cable

Alternative oculus link cable

1 gen 1 charger cable oculuss official oculus link backup, the 10-foot anker cable, frequently goes out of stock, and this cable is the closest alternative in.

  lets check if its a good alternative to the official oculus link cable for quest.

  the oculus quest can now be use with a pc with the oculus link software update. Oculus have release a special fiber optic cable for it at 80 us but you don.

The only good thing about the 1st party link cable is that it has fiber optic wires instead of copper ones. But seeing that link streaming is limited to 150mbps anyway, fiber optic wires add meaningful.

If you want that length, you will need either a long active single cable, or a shorter (lets say 6ft) usb c to usb a cable, and a usb a active extension cable. The active cable is going to be more costly due to the need for additional components. There are several 8ft-10ft options available for a good price, that i recommend using until the official cable is released, which will provide you 5 meters length.

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Alternative oculus link cable

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