Allianz dividend value

Allianz dividend value

The board of management and the supervisory board will propose a dividend of 9. 60 euros to the annual general meeting on may 5, 2021 (previous year 9.).

80 allianz dividend 2021 the expected allianz payout dividend amount is about 9.

Allianz se paid a total dividend of 3,999 million eur last year, for a market value of 83,692 millions (market cap 83,314 millions). According to the chart below, where dividend yield is displayed, allianz se has a dividend yield of 4. 78, which is higher than the amount offered by both the market average and.

The allianzgi nfj dividend value fund contains exactly what its name suggests dividend-paying stocks that have been beaten up for one reason or another, and are trading at discounts.

The allianzgi nfj dividend value fund contains exactly what its name suggests dividend-paying stocks that have been beaten up for one reason or another, and are trading at discounts.

Allianz global equity dividend price in real-time (847146 de0008471467) charts and analyses, news, key data, turnovers, company data.

However, in 2015, allianz had topped the pre-financial crisis dividend with a distribution of eur 6. Since then, the dividend has been further increased to eur 9. Even in the corona chaos, allianz pleased shareholders with an increase of 6.

Allianz global investors (allianz) is a disciplined, value -oriented equity -earnings approach with an emphasis on dividends. Allianz selects stocks on a bottom -up basis by employing a process that begins with screening the largest 1000 stocks by market capitalizations for positive fundamental characteristics.

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Allianz dividend value

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Allianz dividend value
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