Alienware m15 undervolt guide

Alienware m15 undervolt guide

  alienware m15 thermal testing, overclocking and undervolting - youtube.

Programs throttlestop msi afterburnerrivatunerwhat i have doneundervolt cpu core -250undervolt cache -125undervoltlocked gpu 700mv clock.

This step is very important, if you dont reset bios to default, xtu will not work.

First off i would like to say, after owning an 17r5 and this m15, i am starting to wonder if thats the real target operation of these machines. Sure a core might thermal throttle every few seconds, but if its the only one and your overall throughput is good - so what. I cant get any of my friends on the engineering team at alienware to confirm or deny, but i am not sure how much i should.

Hello, i just buy a new alienware m15 r1 with i7-8750h & rtx 2060 6go, when i go to xtu its greyed out, i dont understand why.

Hi everyone, im wondering, if someone was able to undervolt their intel i7-10750h cpu with xtu? I tried but after restarting my laptop it doesnt appear to have keep the changes.

  we first need to set up alienware command center (awcc for short) so it doesnt interfere with msi afterburner and trhottlestop, and unlock the higher thermal limit.

It hit 100c max temp right out of the box so i wanted to try undervolting cpu (first time messing about with settings). A bunch of youtubers were recommending intel xtu but i had issues undervolting with xtu and the changes i made were reset each time the computer rebooted so i opted for throttlestop instead.

Hey whats up ! Your gaming laptop runs too hot ? Here is my guide to undervolt, underclock cpu and overclockunderclock gpu on your laptop.

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Alienware m15 undervolt guide

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Alienware m15 undervolt guide
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