Aeon cryptocurrency reddit

Aeon cryptocurrency reddit

  aeon is a huge sleeper coin, and monero is paving the way for it. One of the core xmr developers is the lead developer for aeon, and he is at this very moment working on porting all the features of monero on to aeon. Aeon is a fair emission, proof of work currency with no premine or dev tax.

A digital currency with a small footprint and a practical focus on private transactions. Peer-to-peer, open-source digital currencies like bitcoin are gradually becoming part of everyday life yet few can run on everyones primary internet device their phone. Additionally, the most popular digital currencies are failing to protect their users privacy, exposing their transactions.

  aeons fast conquer of the cryptocurrency world is napoleonic in its way. No one expects this little unknown coin to be able to capture the crypto world. But the future will tell the tale, as early ambassadors we have a great project to believe in.

Users are able to generate aeon through the process of mining.

The value (or market capitalization) of all available aeon in u.

It has a circulating supply of 0 aeon coins and a max supply of 18.

Aeon is a privacy driven open source cryptocurrency that allows anonymous payments. Aeoncoin uses a cryptonight-lite - a cryptonote protocol-based cpugpu friendly algorithm for the maintenance of its proof-of-work.

Aeon (aeon) is a cryptonote coin that enables anonymous transactions as well as public payments, with low fees and fast confirmation times.

Anybody with a pc can use aeon, and in future, anybody with a smartphone will certainly use aeon. That will open up an entire world of potential outcomes for the blockchain since more individuals on the planet have smartphones. Until aeon is mineable on a smartphone, you are restricted to getting it on a trade. The essential business for aeon is bittrex, but at the same time, it is accessible.

Aeon cryptocurrency is а mobile-friendly version of the monero coin, which can be run efficiently on a mobile device, laptops and pcs. It has a tweaked pow (proof-of-work) mechanism, allowing faster verification of the blockchain.

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Aeon cryptocurrency reddit

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Aeon cryptocurrency reddit
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