Advanced pin bar detector

Advanced pin bar detector

  pin bar detector - (amibroker indicator) is pin bar pattern detection system inspired for earnforex - pin bar detecor mql4 code. Pin bar is a bar with a long upper or lower tail, wick or shadow and a much smaller body or real body, you can find pin bars on any plain candlestick chart.

There are over 60 currency pairs and because of that it may be hard to notice. You can apply to charts and wait for this indicator do the work for you. How to trade with pin bar detector buy signal wait for a green smiley below the price candle.

A pin bar is a bar that has a very long tail, a small body and a very short head or none at all. If a pin bar forms in an uptrend, it may signal the start of a downtrend if a pin bar forms in a downtrend, it may be an indication that uptrend may be starting. Pin bars can formed in any timeframes, from 1 minute up to the monthly timeframes.

I am however having difficulties in getting the optimum setting to pick out the ideal pin bars. Would like to get peoples opinions on different setting to get the alerts to get decent pin bars.

Kt pin bar indicator identifies the pin bar formation which is a type of price action pattern which depicts a sign of reversal or rejection of the trend. When combined with support and resistance, brn and other significant levels, pin bar pattern proved to be a very strong sign of reversal.

Pin bar pattern is characterized by a long upper or lower wick with a small body relative to the size of the wick with little to no lower or upper shadows. Pin bars are not to be traded in isolation, but need to be considered within the larger context of the chart analysis.

  tells the indicator that the left eye bar should be bearish for bullish pinbar, and bullish for bearish pinbar. Tells the indicator that the nose bar should be of the same direction as the pattern itself. Tells the indicator that the nose body should be inside the left eye body. Minimum size of the left eye body relative to the bar length.

Pin bar detector (arrow buy and sell), mtf has lower a ( 2, 6, 3, 2), mtf has lower b ( (2, 6, 3, 2), gann activator ( filter of the support optional). Arrow buy of pin bar detector confirmed by 3 or 4 squares blue of mtf has lower a and b.

The pin bar pattern (reversal or continuation) a pin bar pattern consists of one price bar, typically a candlestick price bar, which represents a sharp reversal and rejection of price. The pin bar reversal as it is sometimes called, is defined by a long tail, the tail is also referred to as a shadow or wick.

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Advanced pin bar detector

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