Absa bond fund

Absa bond fund

Absa bond fund for investors in the bond market the bond fund aims at above-average bond market income investing primarily in south african interest-bearing securities, this fund offers you affordable access and exposure to the south african bond market.

The fund invests in the full spectrum of interest bearing securities of different terms to maturity.

Fund objectives absa bond fund is a specialist portfolio in the fixed income funds category whose primary objective is to seek above average income with some capital growth at below average risk to investors.

  the absa bond fund is a specialist fixed-income fund that provides affordable access to the south african bond market.

The minimum investment amount is r2 000, and the minimum monthly contribution is r200. Capital growth is core to this fund, while also aiming to provide you with attractive income yields.

You have arrived here because you chose to apply for the absa bond fund. Please complete the following fields to complete your application. Please be advised that the application process is a 4 step process which requires you to capture your information.

The absa bond fund is a specialist portfolio in the fixed income funds category and will be a bond portfolio that will at all times predominantly invest its assets in south african bonds, corporate bonds, gilts, fixed deposits and other read more.

In the spotlight absa bond fund 01 february 2021 10 min by candy guvi, investment communications specialist absa investments sa unit trusts with the highest net inflows in 2020.

  absa won two awards for the best bond fund as well as best cautious allocation fund. Satrix scooped best fund house larger fund range and kagiso asset management won best fund house smaller.

The absa protected accumulator portfolio provides exposure to local bond and equity markets whilst protecting capital at all times. The portfolio declares monthly bonuses which are guaranteed to the non-negative and once declared cannot be taken away.

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Absa bond fund

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