99 modeling quality mt4

99 modeling quality mt4

  tick data suite 2 is the fastest and most convenient way to get 99. And more recently it is almost the only possible way to get 99.

  in back tests, you will see modeling quality na instead of 99. 9 but it doesnt matter as you will see full green line and 0 mismatched chart errors. 9, you need to purchase latest version of tickstory and then open mt4 terminal from inside tickstory.

Metatrader back-testing with 99 modelling quality - tickstory. A video describing how to back-test your metatrader expert advisers (ea) with 99 modelling quality in 5 simple steps.

  the formula of modelling quality calculation is given in the article named what the numbers in the expert testing report mean modellingquality (0.).

  demonstrates how to back-test your expert advisers (eas) with metatrader and get 99 modelling quality in 5 simple steps.

I purchused tick tory expecting it to be easier, but i am still not getting data to my tester. I was under the assumption that tickstory is a all in one program to have 99 quality.

Metatrader back-testing with 99 modelling quality - tickstory.

A modelling quality have a connection with brokers m1 historical data and if a broker have m1 clean history without any errors in chart or gaps then you will get better quality.

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99 modeling quality mt4

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