3 bandits poe

3 bandits poe

You can either side with one of them (and kill the other two) to get the respective reward or you can kill all of them to get the reward from eramir. Careful consideration should be taken when choosing a reward, as changing to a different reward needs 20 orbs of regret and an amulet.

  bandits are a type of monster found throughout the outdoor areas of act 2. They are human opponents with either melee attacks or bow attacks.

  3 chance to dodge attacks 6 increased movement speed kill all bandits. If you feel like all of the above bonuses are irrelevant to the class that your building, you can choose to return the three amulets to eramir.

  kill all bandits 1 of life regenerated per second 2 additional physical damage reduction 20 increased physical damage 5 mana regenerated per second 20 to global critical strike multiplier 15 to all elemental resistances 6 increased attack and cast speed 3 chance to dodge attacks 6 increased movement speed 2 passive skill points.

Most builds kill all 3 bandits, because they give you 2 passive points. Alira isnt bad for crit based builds, but overall the difference is negligible.

  hey people ! On this video im showing you how to change the bandits bonus on poe ! After youve done the quest ! Hope it will help you !link used in the vid.

  hey guys, just started poe earlier this month so im still a bit lost with some of the mechanics and quests. Ive already been looking around heavily, but i cant find the answer that i need. I originally saved alira for the bandits quest and killed the other two. Problem is, i actually want the 2 skill points for killing all three but i have no idea how to get it properly reset so i can kill all three.

Which reward to take in the act 2 bandit quest in path of exile? Oak, alira or kraityn? Or the skillpoint?this guid ewill help you decide for any build which.

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3 bandits poe

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