1872 trade dollar coin fake

1872 trade dollar coin fake

Your coin is a replica of a pattern trade dollar from the us. The coin in the picture is marked with copy to indicated that it is a counterfeit.

The above image is an example of an 1872 trade dollar, and i could point out many features that make this coin fake, but the bottom line is that no trade dollars where produced in 1872! If you dont know this fact already than please look over our website, for this info, or buy an authoritative coin book.

  i found at a flea market in constanta romania some american dollar coins 1872 i bought piece by approximately 1.

  counterfeit 1872 dollars are not seen regularly, but ngc graders did identify one such fake several months ago. This piece is about average quality and almost certainly imported from china in the last decade. Overall, the design details appear softer than normal, particularly on the reverse.

  by making a copy from a genuine coin, the counterfeiter is assured that the letters and design elements are properly shaped and spaced. Nonetheless, this process leaves depressions, lumps, and raised lines that help to identify the coin as a fake. Collectors should be suspicious of any coins that display these or similar characteristics.

  collector1966 said trade dollars were first minted in 1873. Patterns were made in 18, but they are quite different from the coin that was eventually coined in 1873.

  ive got a trade dollar from 1872, but i am not sure if it is fake or real, so i can sell it, since i left numismatics years ago. Please, could someone confirm if it is real ? Ive checked the sites which is about suchs fakes, but mine does not fit into their descriptions for the fake ones.

Silver chinese coins, along with silver trade dollars from the us and hong kong are among the most faked coins in the world luckily they are easy to spot, while some others are harder. Any coin intended to be silver that is magnetic is automatically a fake, since silver is not magnetic.

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1872 trade dollar coin fake

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1872 trade dollar coin fake

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